Why Workjoy?

Organisations don’t recruit the candidate who is simply the most qualified. They hire the candidate who is also the best prepared.

Other things being equal, the only thing standing between you and the job you want at the salary you deserve is preparation.

Application and CV preparation.

Interview preparation.

Negotiation preparation.

Perhaps you are not clear about what you really want to do?

Career Planning allows you to think carefully about what you enjoy, what you are good at and how that all fits in with what’s important to you. Having done this you’ll be in a really strong position to identify suitable jobs, and to make successful applications.

Perhaps you want help securing a great job in your chosen field?

We work with you one-to-one on interview coaching, help with CV / resume preparation, career guidance, recruitment advice, in fact everything you need to gain a competitive advantage over other job seekers. At affordable rates, we help you get the interview, the job and the compensation package you want faster than you ever will working on your own.

Or perhaps you enjoy working with the energy of a group? Our workshops are limited to just 10 people to ensure you receive plenty of personal attention. Workjoy workshops are kept at a low cost to support people who may not be earning. Visit the Workjoy Workshops page now to see what’s coming up soon.

Contact us now for your FREE 1 to 1 assessment!

A telephone conversation will allow us to assess how we can help you and gives you a chance to ask any questions about the support.

Workjoy is committed to enhancing the fulfilment of individuals at work. That’s at the root of what we are all about. We sincerely believe it is possible to love your work and for your career to be something that excites you and you can be proud of.

If you would like a free copy of Create a Great CV, our 50 page workbook (pdf) that talks you through how to write and design your own CV, please send you  your name and email address to nick@workjoy.co.uk