Career Planning

“Nick has not forced me to follow a program that he had pre-designed. He has instead listened very carefully and helped me in my expressed areas of need.”  Josh R, Canada


Are you stuck in your career?
Looking for a change of direction but don’t know what direction to take?
Finding it difficult to get another job?
Recently redundant?
De-motivated in your job search and not making progress?

It’s not uncommon to be stuck in your career. Many people find themselves either drifting from one job to another or reacting to circumstances.

Workjoy will help you to regain control and make positive career planning decisions. Starting with a free session of up to 60 minutes, we’ll identify together what is required to get you back on track. If you wish to carry on after this we’ll get to work with plenty of valuable careers advice.


  • focusing on you aims and capabilities with a view to a career change
  • identifying where the jobs are
  • writing letters
  • working with recruiters
  • CV design, or
  • interview technique.


There’s every possibility that it will mean a combination of these things.


Initial Consultation No Charge

Individual 1 hour session £125.00 +VAT


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