Individual Career Coaching


Individual career coaching sessions focus specifically on your needs.

Are you stuck in your career but are not sure how or whether to change completely?

Career Planning will help you to make the right decision

Are you struggling to be noticed by potential employers or recruitment consultants?

CV Design coaching will help you to produce a document that is noticed

Job Search coaching will maximise your coverage of the market and ensure that you are addressing each channel appropriately

Are you getting to the first or second stage of interview but not being offered jobs?

Our Job Interview training will ensure that you are fully prepared, able to build rapport and are persuasive and convincing in the room

Would you like some support or advice about a particular job offer you have received?

We can help you to negotiate the job offer so that you achieve the outcome that you want

These modules are offered as stand alone sessions or as a wider programme. You don’t need to decide what is needed, we will work with you to take you from wherever you currently are, to wherever you want to be with your career.