Negotiating the Job Offer

Are you worried that you will come across as too pushy and the employer will decide they don’t like you after all?

Do you fear that you will push too hard and the offer will fall through because your demands will not be met?

Do you easily accept that an employer offers the right salary and there is very little room for negotiation?

Do you feel that the employer has all the cards in their hand and that if you don’t accept the offer somebody else will?

Salary negotiation is, for many, one of the most difficult aspects of changing jobs. If you’ve answered yes to any of the above questions, Workjoy will help you to think again.

The first package offer is rarely the last. Employers expect you to negotiate over pay. Also, good negotiators are always an asset to their employer.

Workjoy will help you to enter salary package negotiations with confidence and a win-win attitude.

Here’s how:


A one hour, one to one consulting session, face to face or by telephone where you will learn the skills required to negotiate the best job offer possible. This session is ideal for those about to begin the process of negotiation.


Stage 1

We send you a workbook that explains how to prepare yourself for face to face job offer negotiation.

Stage 2

A 2 hour practice session is arranged where you will be able to see how well you negotiate, and how it feels to negotiate assertively. This can be filmed, if you wish. After the session we will discuss your performance and areas for improvement. If you have a job offer and wish to negotiate it, we can work together to help you prepare and practice for it.

Stage 3

A further 1 hour practice session can be arranged optionally either face to face or by telephone.



£ 125.00 + VAT


Stages 1 & 2 £ 250.00 + VAT (Add £490.00 + VAT for optional DVD recording)
Stage 3 Additional 1 hour session: £125.00 + VAT

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